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AHCE provides Individuals with the extra help they need to recover from previous medical conditions and/or illnesses at home.  We understand that the comforts of home provide folks with the extra boost and familiarity they need to recover sooner.


Here are some benefits of using American Home Care's Home Health Care Services:  


According to many physicians, research shows that patients recover a lot sooner when they are familiar with their surroundings.  The familiarity of ones Home provides the comfort and familiarity they need to recover quicker.


Home Health Care also helps reduce the medical costs associated with those that one may recieve from a hospital.


Home Health Care provides independance and the opportunbity for those to be with their family.

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Skilled Nursing (RN & LPN)


In-House Wound Care Certified RN

Wound Care Assessment and Instruction

Wound Vac (Wound Vac-certified RNs)

Wound Care including Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT)


Chronic Disease Management  |  Skilled Observation and Instruction with Specific Disease Processes


       - Heart Failure     - COPD

       - Diabetes            - Pain



Blood Draw/PT

INR Monitoring

Psychiatric Nursing Services

     * (Board-certified and Experienced Psych RNs)


Health Promotion

    * Nutritional Guidance & Consultation     *Flu Vaccination

    * Pneumonia Vaccination                          *Assistance to Screening Program


High Tech Services

    * Infusion Therapy Catheterization    *Parenteral Nutrition

    *  Ostomies  |  Ostomy Care and Instruction


Nursing Coaching Program

    * Medication Management                               * Care Coordination   

    * Symptom Identification & Prevention          * Lifestyle Choices  



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