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because home is truly where the Heart is

Jeff Rasley


American Homecare Express (AHCE) was founded in 1995 by individuals who encompass a passion for helping others. Our goal is to improve the patient’s overall condition, assist them in attaining all benefits available from local resources, and to prevent any further ailments that may hinder their patients recovery while at home.

Chicago Illinois Home Health Care Company

American Homecare is a Home Health Care Company located in Lincolnwood, Illinois.  We have been providing home care services for more than a decade.  We service all areas of Chicago and go far north as Lake County.


Many doctors, institutions, and professionals throughout Illinois look to American Homecare as a trusted service provider of Home Health Care Services.


You can trust that American Homecare Express will provide you with superb care.

AHCE is a premier service provider that caters to its patients in a place where they feel most comfortable, and aim towards preventing any further discomfort that may happen during transitions.

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AHCE strives its hardest to prevent their patients from going back to the hospital, nursing home, or any other facility where critical care is needed.



Home Care Nurse in Chicago Illinois

AHCE’s main goal is to help their patients gain back their independence, health, and well-being.


The skilled staff at AHCE are well experienced practitioners in the field, and provide their patients with a very personalized approach.

AHCE has been in the home health business for over 17 years and continues to provide their patients, service coordinators, and health care providers with consistent quality service.


AHCE’s management team focuses on providing total quality care, which means everything from skilled care to social services goes through a protocol to ensure that everything is in line with each individual patient.

We are a Medicare/Medicaid certified agency.


We also provide services for individuals with private insurance and VA.

American Homecare Express provides the services needed when you or a loved one requires a home care nurse in Illinois to administer clincial nursing care.  We provided visiting nurses and physical therapists to the home in select cities all across Chicago, Illinois. 

We also provide Nurses, Therapists, and Clinical services in Lake County Illinois.  Our visiting nurses and therapists visit Gurnee, Waukegan, and many more neighboring cities across the Lake County area.


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